EE6902 Computer Communication Networks Qn. Paper

Subject: EE6902 Computer Communication Networks
Department: ECE Dept, NUS
Semester I, AY 2009-10 Question Paper

I wanted to do this from last semester onwards. There are some modules for which the previous question papers are not released by the department. I wanted to write down the questions and publish them. Maybe it will help someone in the coming semesters. Since I had back to back exams last semester, I was not able to do it. This semester, I have taken the module called computer communication networks which comprises mainly the fundamentals and concepts. The previous year question papers were not released and I and my friends wondered how to prepare for the exams or how the pattern of the questions may be. That’s when I decided this year I am going to write down and publish the questions as I remember them. I and my friend made small notes of the questions after the exam itself and now I made it to a better form.

If you are reading this for your exams, all the best and perform well. If you have attended this exam and know the missing questions or if there is anything to add to this blog, please do so by leaving a comment. If you find this ‘venture’ helpful, do leave a comment. After all, it feels good to know that I have helped someone. Special thanks to my friend Dana, who helped me a lot for my exams, without whom I would not have made this blog possible or even study well for the exam.

Some Notes:
1. There is no guarantee for any of these questions to be exactly the same as seen in the question paper. I simply wrote down what I remember after the exams.
2. Even though I answered most of the questions, I am not sure about the answers and also I am too lazy to write down the answers. As our professor says, give it a try.
3. I am publishing this the next day of my exams and so I don’t know the results, yet.
4. In the end of the questions, the symbol © doesn’t mean copyright. All copyrights are with the professor or the university (or with whomever it is). It just means ‘courtesy’. ;)

Newly Added
I am posting the answer for the question 2 here. This answer has been sent by my friend Ganesh. Thank you very much Ganesh :)

Google: The real Skynet?

I wouldn’t be surprised if one day I hear Google has taken over the world or is going to be the ‘Skynet’ or the ‘Supreme Chancellor Palpatine’ of earth. I have heard stories about identity thefts or conspiracy theories like the CIA tapping personal information like bank accounts, phone records and not to mention the number of movies on this theme. Till recently I believed this is possible only for a high profile security agency or for an expert hacker. Only till I saw Google dashboard.
I read about Google Dashboard in a technical article two days back. It says “I already knew that I use a ton of Google services and they know a lot about me, so seeing it all in one place was more entertaining than scary”. I too didn’t expect it to be this scary. When visited the page, I felt like discovering me all over again and found out many thing which I never noticed doing before. Dashboard contain all the information about my Google account, Gmail account, Blogger account, calendar, contacts, docs, finance, social networking, latitude, search/web history, wave and the list goes on and on. Any person who can log in to my Google dashboard can easily get to know me, even more than I know about myself, like my account details , my schedule, my contacts, the documents I was working on, my financial portfolio, my friends, my location and even I do daily in the internet.

Video about Google Dashboard
I also knew that Google ‘knew’ many things about me. But seeing all of it in one location is scary. I know people who store confidential data like their bank account numbers, passwords etc in their Gmail account because they ‘know’ it’s safe and globally accessible. But, all one need is a simple password for your Google account and the consequences can be disastrous. The extra level of protection offered by Google is asking your password, one more time.
On the positive side (for Google lovers), dashboard is one big help. There is now a single place where you can manage all your Google accounts with easiness. Also, it provides a simple solution to find out what we are doing in the internet.
No matter whether you think this is a boon or a curse, it really made me think how much personal information I can safely put in the internet, if I am concerned about my privacy.