Susan Boyle - A Real Life Fairy Tale! Go Go Susan Boyle!

Once up on a time, there lived a poor girl in Scotland. She was chubby and had a weird sense of humor. Not many boys wanted to get acquainted with her. She loved music and she loved singing. She lived alone with her cat. She didn’t marry. She grew old and she was unemployed. No one had heard about her.
Then, one day, by the time she became 47, the Her Majesty, the Queen wanted to find the best singer in whole country. Many singers competed. Some were good and some were bad. Then our poor lady came to sing. By the look of her, the audience was thinking “what in the bloody hell is this lady doing here?” Some of them even laughed at her. She told that she wanted to become a professional singer and she hope she might be able to get some attention after her performance. All the audience laughed and boo-ed. Then she started the song “I dreamed a dream in time gone by - Les Miserables”. Everyone’s jaw dropped hearing her voice and the song. The audience all rose to their feet and applauded. With one performance, she brought all the country and the world at her feet. She became an overnight star.
Felt like reading a fairy tale? Meet Susan Boyle. The overnight celebrity from the show “Britain’s Got Talent, 2009”. Watch the video here or here. The embedding disabled due to heavy rush.
She is 47, have never been kissed by anyone, stays alone with her cat in a remote place in Scotland, and she is unemployed, never sung in a professional concert before. She walked to the show, with her funny walking and a weird confidence - her unique style. The audience boo-ed and shoo-ed and laughed at her when she said she want to be a professional singer like Ellen Page. But everything changed at the moment when she opened her mouth. Everyone was shocked by her voice and singing. I myself personally was in that shock for a long time. I always liked fairy tales. And I couldn’t believe it was real. Truly inspiring is all I can say. Nothing else! The biggest wake up call, something that made me believe, fairy tales do exist on Earth.
Here are the judge’s comments.
Without a doubt that is the biggest surprise I have had in three years of the show," said judge Piers Morgan, "Everyone was laughing at you - no one is laughing now.
"I know that everybody was against you, I honestly think that we were all being very cynical and I think that is the biggest wakeup call ever”, said Amanda.
And when Susan started singing, Simon Cowell's eyebrows shot up so high and so hard they almost hit his hairline. He even broke into one of the biggest, widest and whitest smiles anyone has ever seen.
3 million hits on the youtube video in 24 hours and Susan had been an overnight celebrity. A number of sites have sprung up in the net about Susan.
Here are some of the things various media wrote about her. “The Woman Who Shut Up Simon Cowell”, “Miss Boyle, from Blackburn, West Lothian, left judges almost speechless with her rendition of "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserables” etc.
For me, she has become an instant hero. One of the sites said “Do you like fairy tales? 'Cos Disney missed one and its here, Susan Boyle” And I think it is true.