Frustrations of a Citizen

I guess, you might have guessed it already, by reading the title. Something related to politics or government or our society. This time, I just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
The incident happened last Wednesday (Sept 17). I had noticed in the news paper that morning about traffic restrictions in Bangalore due to the visit of the new leader of Nepal. Since I read only the headlines, I didn’t know which part of Bangalore, it will happen. Only when one of my colleagues pointed out that he plans to leave office early due to this [my office is near Bommanahalli], that I noticed the restrictions will be in the Hosur road between 5:30pm and 7:30pm. The ‘VIP’ was visiting the electronic city it seems.
I thought he was kidding when I heard him first. You can’t be serious. That is the peak time. All those traffic from electronic city will be stopped? I couldn’t believe it. But I didn’t want to take my chances. I too wanted to get out early. Unfortunately, by the time I made it to the road, it was almost 6pm.
There was a whole battalion of police in the road. I tried my best to cross the silk board flyover. After that I could take some short cuts. Just before the flyover, I was stopped by the police. Had I left my office one minute earlier, I would have passed the police. I was at the front of the queue. They stopped all the traffic through the silk board flyover. I had to wait nearly 30 minutes. I was lucky since I was almost in the front of the queue. I had my camera with me. I decided to have some snaps and thought about writing this blog.

You can see the queue in the service road next to the Hosur main road. The police escorts cleared all the vehicles from the main road to the side roads.
A policeman asking the 2-wheelers to park to the side
I guess the black sedan is the one which ‘contains’ the lucky ‘B*st**d’
You can see the silk board flyover devoid of traffic except for the pilot vehicles. Yes, all the vehicles in the road are escort vehicles. I took this picture around 1 minute after the black sedan passed, so that you can imagine the number of escort vehicles. It’s all the tax payers’ money I guess. I bet you won’t see this road this free of traffic during day time let alone for the peak times, except for ‘special’ occasions like these.
I don’t have any problems with ministers or ‘VIPs’ visiting places or attending meetings. I agree that they had announced it early. But, as a citizen and a tax payer, I believe that I have the right to disagree with whatever they do or decide to do. Everyone knows that 5:30pm – 8:00pm in Bangalore is the peak traffic time. They could have chosen some other time for this visit, probably before noon or afternoon. Why the hell they always choose/want to make the life of ordinary people more and more miserable? When did they stop caring for ordinary people? Or when have they ever cared anything about citizens? Since they are the leaders, they may be trying to lead the way for us. Who knows?
ps: feel free to fill in the quoted/starred words (eg: ‘VIP’) with whatever you like.

Vanilla Sky

It started with a video. One of my friends sends me the link to Tom Cruise’s 25th anniversary celebration site. There they have put a video featuring all his films. It is a really good video. I had already watched most of the movies in that video. Since I like him very much as an actor, I wanted to watch the rest of the movies too. I collected of them from my friends.

During my movie marathon, around 2 weeks back, I watched the movie Vanilla Sky. I had seen only the rating of the movie and didn’t know the theme of it. Naturally, I expected a good movie, but I was getting bored while the movie was progressing. By the time I was through with the movie, I found myself wanting to watch the end of the movie again and again. The soundtracks are also amazing.

The movie name is taken from a painting called Vanilla Sky by Claude Monet which is also shown in the movie. After I finished the movie, I searched for the painting in the net. Just like the movie, at first look, I didn’t find the painting that interesting. But after spending some time studying it, I found out that I am in love with the painting. May be it’s the theme of the movie or the mood of the name ‘Vanilla Sky’ that accelerated my feeling. I don’t know the technical terms used by artists, but the dreamy look of the painting, the serene buildings near the bank of the river and the vanilla colored sky, they all really caught me.

That’s when I decided to try that painting myself. I didn’t want to duplicate it just like that. I wanted to add some more color to it. And the result is here.

Do not compare both of the paintings as they cannot be compared. There are many faults like the sky is not really vanilla in color, the ratio of the sky and the land is not correct, the reflection of the trees is pathetic, the level of details of the buildings in my painting is almost zero and so on. But after finishing the painting, I felt satisfied, may be the satisfaction of creation, something like what they call “feels like God”. Even if its in paper or canvas, I could create or destroy worlds and life like that way I want to and that thought made me proud. I am not the one to judge this painting, but I think its not that bad of a beginner (my first acrylic in canvas). Now its all left to you readers, awaiting your comments.