Why do people have to marry?

Why do people have to marry? When you read that question, most of you may be thinking what a stupid question that is. I don’t mean it in the general sense. It’s just that there are many friends of mine, especially woman friends, some of my very best friends, now they are all getting married. I am happy for that. But the feeling of loosing them through marriage is not that good. Some times we have to let things go, no matter how much you love or care for it. Still why is it like that? When things get too formal, or too serious, I don’t know, I don’t feel its too good. Van Wilder, the legend [a movie character I like very much] says, never take life too seriously, 'cos you will never get out of it, alive. May be its the social and cultural set up in India only. In western countries, people find their spouses on their own and then they don’t have to compromise on many things. Here everything is based on adjustments. It has its positive and negative side. I am not bothered about it. Let the things be like what they are. The only thing I am really sad about is that, after marriage, in 90% of the cases, people act like they have all the responsibility and never seems to get time for anything. Why is that? Sure you have to care for families and all. But I don’t know how to explain my feeling, now a days, when I hear any of my best friends, girls, are going to get married [unless its a love marriage] I get sad. Of course I am happy for them for getting in to their dream lives, but the feeling I get always is that I am going to miss them or more like, loose them. [In the case of love marriages, the feeling is different. I am not explaining it. Hope you understand.] We will never be the same again. I don’t know what happens to the "We all have to move on" theory, I really wonder why, why do you have to move on when you don’t like it. :( hmm.. I admit there are many things I don’t understand. Just writing some of my thoughts. And I don’t intend to make this a big debate or anything like that.

- Manu

Sleepless Nights

Your day seems to be so long and time seems to be standing still. You look around, you see blurred images only. You cannot concentrate on anything. You feel like going crazy. This is what happens if you are having little sleep[less] at night continuously for 5-6 days. Even when I am writing this, I am feeling the same sensation what I have just written. It took me around 1hour to write this paragraph.

It all started when I saw ‘her’ picture. I didn’t notice her at first. I thought she was way beyond my league. But soon I started dreaming about her. After she changed to her new ‘slim’ looks, I decided myself that, one day she will be mine. Oh man, she really is sexy, I admire her for that. There were only a few days I didn’t dream about her.

And finally, last week, I made her mine. And ever after, she is with me, no matter what and every moment I spend with her – well what more can I say other than ‘simply great’. Now you know why I am having sleepless nights for the past couple of days. Still I want to be with her than having a good night sleep.

I am talking about the latest addition to my gadget collection, Sony PSP, the slim & lite edition [PSP 2000]. I know it’s a bit late since they have released it. Always, better late than never. This is one of the best gadgets I ever had.

New PSP slim & lite [PSP 2000]

At first I used to think the game play will be boring due to its small size and getting a grip on the analogue stick will be trouble. But for someone with a gamer in their head, it’s just a matter of seconds. Its BIG display [compared to other handheld gadgets], is really really cool, especially when compared to the ipods. You can watch movies, listen to music, see photos, browse in net, and play fantastic games. Just for $169 [PSP only]. You need to buy a memory stick extra. But all within $200. Even if you just needs a gadget which will play music and show videos, this is the best one I think. And browsing in that screen is much better than browsing in a mobile phone. In the new version, they have even provided a TV out feature. You can connect to your TV and well, now you can use your imagination.

Simply visit this page to know how amazing it is…

I guess more and more sleepless nights are waiting there for me…