One of the Greatest B'thday Gifts I've ever got!!!

The following are the words of the two cards, my parents sent me for my last birthday. [I don't think, many people send two birthday cards, even for their most loved ones]. I feel so lucky to have them, and thank God for giving me such loving parents…
This is our day of celebration for it brought you into our lives.
To Our darling Son,
You came in like the first beam of sunlight
and a promise that our world
would never be the same again.
Everything about you was a new lesson
you pushed us to learn.
May you always be as enthusiastic and
childlike as you explore life.
Wishing you countless moments of joy.
Happy Birthday

Love & Kisses
Mom and Dad

Birthday Wishes, For A Dear Son,

To Our Dear Son,
May memories of years
gone by, add to your joy
and the days ahead hold
promise of good times,
for a Son like you is always
close to the heart, who
understands so well and
makes people comfortable
around… You’re truly a
precious gift and it feels
great to have a Son like you.
Happy Birthday!
Love & Kisses,
Dad & Mom
A Fairy Tale

Once up on a time, in a kingdom far far away, there lived a prince named Adam. He was so handsome that every lady in that kingdom would do almost anything even to have a glance at him. He was also very kind and service minded. But Adam was not interested in marriage. He just wanted to spend his time serving his country and the people. His parents, the king and queen were very sad about this.
One day he went hunting in a far away jungle. He and his friends were hunting the whole morning and were tired by evening. Then Adam heard a very beautiful song from somewhere deep inside the jungle. The song was very beautiful yet sad. He began walking in the direction of the song. He reached the shore of a river. Near the river, he saw a beautiful young lady who was singing. At the first sight itself, he fell in love with her. He slowly approached her. But by the time he reached her, she began vanishing and soon she was completely gone. Adam became very sad. He wanted to get one more glimpse of her somehow. He went back to his friends and told them the story. They went near the river and searched for the beautiful girl. No one could find her. Being very sad, Adam went back to his castle. His only thought was how to find her.
A number of search parties were organized. But no one could find her. Days, weeks and months passed, no news about her came. Then one day, an old man came and told the king, “The lady, Adam is looking for, is a princess under a curse. Only her true love can rescue her. No need to worry, I will give the instructions. But this quest, he alone has to complete it”
“Three days to north, you have to travel to reach the border of the kingdom. There is a thick, long and dark forest after that. Seven days, it will take you to cross it. Then you will come across a small town. There you can find an old building near 3 oak trees. You will find a way to reach your true love there. You take my donkey with you. It can help you in difficult times.”
Reluctantly the king and queen agreed. Thus Adam set out for his quest to find his true love with the donkey. He being kind, didn’t ride the donkey, they walked.
On reaching the border of the kingdom, Adam and his donkey were tired. They decided to take rest for one day. The next day, they continued their journey.
After seven days, he reached the old building. But there was only an old woman there. She was very tired out of hunger and thirst. Adam being very kind gave all his food and water to her. She became happy and told Adam, “I know what you are looking for. The girl is the princess of this kingdom. But she, along with this kingdom, is under a terrible enchantment. A witch turned everyone in this kingdom to marble statues. Only the princess is allowed to be out of the curse one day, from morning till sunset, every year. That day, she searches for her true love who will free them. It was then you saw her. You will get her back only if you kill the white witch. She is very powerful. In order to make her powerless, you will have to kill the dragon, guarding the haunted castle. Many have tried and failed. You cannot slay the dragon directly.”
“Then how am I supposed to kill it?” asked Adam
“There is a mirror mounted on top of the castle roof. Direct it so that the sun rays fall directly on the dragon’s eyes. Look only in the reflection in the mirror. That will burn its eyes and distract it. Thus you can borrow sometime to kill the dragon.”
Adam and his donkey went to the castle. From far away itself, he could hear the dragon’s roar. But he had no idea how to get to the castle roof. Then his donkey began talking. “Noble Adam, I can turn into a flying horse. Use me and get to the castle top”. Thus the donkey turned in to a white flying horse. It flew him to the topmost castle tower and Adam pointed the mirror so that the dragon almost got blinded. He then flew back and cut the dragons head and killed it. Thus the witch lost all her powers and became an old woman and tried to escape in disguise. But Adam intercepted her and she was sent to the dungeons. By then, the enchantment on the kingdom was lifted.The witch’s castle automatically turned in to a beautiful one with gardens having beautiful flowers and trees. All the marble statues began to turn in to humans. Adam entered the great hall of the castle. The princess was waiting for him, for her true love. He slowly walked to her. They both gazed each others for a while and hugged for a long time. Later, they got married and lived happily ever after.

Steps to apply a BSNL Broadband connection in Bangalore - Part I

I have recently relocated to Bangalore and since I am a ‘High End’ person, I want the net connectivity as fast as possible and that too, an unlimited connection [not with any download limit]. So even before I came here I enquired with some of my friends here about the procedure to get the internet connection. After my small survey, I got the following details.

The major providers are [One thing to note is that, I am talking about home connections] BSNL, Airtel, Tata Indicom, Sify, Reliance (I have seen the ads only; I haven’t met any one who is using it)

At first, I almost dropped the idea of going for a BSNL connection because of the formalities and lack of proper customer support and all. One of my friends knows people who are using the Tata Indicom connection. When he enquired about it, they said, the connection speed is somewhat ok, but most of the time, there won’t be any connectivity. About the Sify, my friends who used it said the speed ‘fluctuated constantly’. Most of my friends were using Airtel and almost all showed a thumbs up for Airtel. For Airtel, we planned to take the 128Kbps connection which cost around 700INR. When we ventured into it, we came across a small problem, there was no Airtel connectivity in our area and so plans for Airtel connection was cancelled.

Oops! What do I do? Naturally being an adventurer, I decided that I will go for the BSNL connection. So I thought I’ll go for a reckon mission first and I began checking out the details in net, getting details from people who use it etc. The BSNL tariff goes this way: For an unlimited connection, the plan is HOME UL 900 & HOME UL 900 PLUS with 256Kbps along with a phone. (Airtel also provide a phone I guess) The difference between PLUS and the ordinary is that, with the PLUS connection, you don’t have to give rent for the phone, just give the fare for your calls (Rs 1/- per pulse), the other one, there will be rent, but you have 50 free calls. At that time I met some of my friends who are using the BSNL connection (256Kbps). I tried it and the speed was amazing. Also in the BSNL application form it says like this 256Kbps - 2Mbps. The speed may go up to 2Mbps. Thus I finalized on a BSNL connection. [Added advantage: the BSNL monthly bill can be used as address proof.]
For that,
  1. You have to find out under which BSNL office does your place come in. (I stay in Madiwala - Maruthinagar and the BSNL office is in Koramangala BDA Complex)
  2. You can get the tariffs, both phone and internet through the BSNL site - - Also you can download a form and fill it out (Don’t do it).
  3. Go to the BSNL office and to the new phone registration counter. I told them that I need a new internet and phone connection [not an existing customer]. They gave me a form which is really different from the one I got from net, so I used this.
  4. While filling, you need to select the plan of broadband/phone, the modem, the method you choose to pay for the modem if you are buying from BSNL etc. I suggest that you refer the site before going to the BSNL office and filling the form.
  5. Submit the filled form, along with your address proof and 500INR. If you need the ISD facility, you need to attach a photograph of yourself in the form. It’s better to have a BSNL phone number of a nearby connection. There is a column in the form asking for that [optional]. I didn’t fill it out anyway. I guess that makes it easier for them to figure out the switch for your connection. As the address proof, you can either provide your rent agreement or a letter from your employer showing the address to which you need the connection. [These were my choices for id proof]
  6. They will assure you that you will get the connection with in one week itself.
  7. Ask them for a contact number. For me, they gave the telephone number of the exchange.
    This is the point where I have reached till now. And the rest, I will explain from the experience of a colleague of mine.
He did the above steps and waited for around 1 month. Whenever he contacted, they tell him there is shortage of this and that and all. Finally, he called some top guy it seems, and he said everything is ready for him. All he needed to do was to contact the line man. Then only he knew that what he was lacking. He didn’t ‘meet the line man, properly’. [I hope you understood what that meant] Now I am waiting for one week and I too mostly have to meet the line man ‘properly’.

There are some more tips I would like to share with you. There is an online application form in the net. I have tried that. After pressing the submit button, it says registration successful. But nothing much will happen (I didn’t expect anything to happen). I guess, after that, they are supposed to contact us. It’s more than a week since I tried and nothing has happened yet.
In brief: There is no use in filling the online form. [From my experience]

I hope I will be able to get the connection within one month, so please do visit this page for updates on this. Till now, the BSNL services are really above my expectations in my experience. But in my personal opinion there is a large scope of improvement for the system.

Every person whom I asked about a BSNL connection agreed in one thing. “Once if you manage to overcome the ‘starting troubles’, you have the best choice of broadband in the city”.

Reference sites

802.11n - The NeXt Generation Wireless Standard

From my first blog, you may know that I have joined another firm recently. Here, I will be working in the same domain as my earlier one - IEEE 802.11 a.k.a Wi-Fi or Wireless LAN [WLAN], my personal favorite. Now that I am having some free time at my new firm since my joining formalities are not finished, I thought I will spend some time researching the new trends in wireless domain. It is then that I came across a commercial claiming a data rate of around 300Mbps for a wireless product. But the products which I worked in, 802.11g compliant, will provide a maximum of 54Mbps (raw data speed) only. I had some idea about 802.11n, but I never thought they will provide this much speed. And thus, I thought I’ll spend some of my time researching about 802.11n.

A word of caution before I go in to the details: I am assuming the reader of this blog is familiar with IEEE 802.11 basics, not in the user perspective, but in a developer one since this contains technical stuff unlike my other blogs. Non-technical people, skip to the summary section.

Setting the new standard
As I said, the wireless product I previously worked had a maximum data rate of 54Mbps. It was an 802.11g certified product. In the 802.11 base spec (1999), three PHY layers were defined, an FHSS (Frequency-Hopping spread spectrum), a DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum), both in the 2.4GHz band and an Infrared PHY which is obsolete now. Then released were the 802.11b (DSSS) (July 1999) which supports 11Mbps, 802.11a (OFDM – Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) (July 1999), which supports the 54Mbps raw data rate. But 11a didn’t get in to that wide acceptance because of the very fact that it operated in the 5GHz spectrum. Then the 11g came with 54Mbps data rate which operated in 2.4GHz spectrum and is used by almost all the Wi-Fi certified products now. In the case of 802.11n, the draft specifies many ‘options’, like many configurations and we can make it work in any possible configurations. With every possible options turned on, you will get a raw data rate up to 600Mbps. (Data taken from I will give a comparative table to show the details rather than explaining.
As you can see from the table, 11n has a very high data rate compared to others. But that is the raw data speed with the entire data rate options turned on. From the user level perspective, you will get around 100-200Mbps. Even that is a great boost from the conventional 802.11ga mode.

802.11n specific features
One of the great features of 11n is the use of multiple antennas which is known as MIMO - Multiple Input Multiple Output. Basically it uses more than one antenna to send the data packets in multiple streams. It exploits the phenomenon called multipath, which usually is treated as interference in radio communications. Two important benefits of MIMO are antenna diversity and time-space multiplexing. The draft specifies antenna configuration option of up to 4x4. This feature can be a power consuming one and so the draft n specifies a power save mode also. So the multiple antenna configurations are used only when maximum throughput and data rate is required.
Other options in the 11n specification are,

  • Better OFDM - The OFDM in 11n is improved so that the maximum data rate which can be achieved is 65Mbps rather than 54Mbps in 11g.
  • Wider channels – 11n provides options for 40MHz channels instead of the conventional 20MHz ones. But the downside is that the number of channels will be less and so it doesn’t give much space for other devices to transmit in the same airspace.
  • Reduced Inter-frame Spacing [RIFS] - A smaller inter-frame spacing than that of 11a or g which uses the SIFS [Short IFS], PIFS [PCF IFS], DIFS [DCF IFS]& EIFS [Extended IFS]
  • Aggregation - This feature is used in the case of inter-operability between the legacy modes 11b/g and 11n. It uses transmission burst in between the overhead communication there by improving the efficiency.
  • Greenfield Mode - This is an optional mode which allows an all 11n network which doesn’t have to give any backward compatibility with the 11b/g devices.

These are some of the options which can be turned on and off. So by fine tuning them, you can attain really high data rates as compared to the present 11g devices.

Just going through the table above itself, we can see that the 802.11n will surely bring a revolution in the wireless domain in the case of both data rates and range. But only at the cost of MAC/PHY layer becoming more complex. The applications of 802.11n will become prominent in VoIP (Voice over IP), streaming video and music, gaming, NAS (Network Attached Storage) etc. Already there are around 70 products in the market which are 802.11n Draft 2.0 certified. The 11n standard is supposed to be ratified by fall 2007 or early 2008.


ps: If you come across any discrepancies, please do comment on it.