S.E.A. Aquarium - A must visit place in Singapore

Singapore is one of the world’s topmost tourist destinations and it has a lot to offer in terms of theme parks, city life, fine dining, cultural events and the list goes on. Even though Singapore is a small country in terms of geographical size, I never get bored while I am in Singapore as there is always something to keep me occupied. When I first arrived here back in 2009, I wanted to cover all the popular tourist destinations like the bird park, zoo, Sentosa etc. By the time I was done with most of them, I realized that I shouldn’t have been in a hurry. Now that I have covered them, I’ll be be left with no place to visit when I am bored, or so I thought.

Within a few months, the Marina Bay Sands integrated casino & shopping center opened up and then came the Resorts World Sentosa and the Universal Studios. By the time I got a chance to visit them, they inaugurated iFly Singapore and Gardens by the Bay and couple of more attractions which I am yet to visit. Each time I visit one of these newly opened attractions, I think this is the best so far and nothing else can give me that ‘WOW’ factor again. But I am constantly being proven wrong. 

Out of all these attractions, I have a list of places which are my favorite, which I try to visit every time I get a chance. I added one more to the list recently - The S. E. A Aquarium. It is part of the Marine Life Park which is the largest oceanarium in the world. (The other part of the Marine Park being the Adventure Cove Park, which I am yet to visit) Even though it was opened around a year back, I waited till my family was visiting so that we can all go and enjoy it together. However, I was under the impression that, since I am an avid diver and have seen most of the exhibits in the real ocean, I may not be very thrilled. Also I had been to the underwater world in Sentosa before.

I was wrong again. Almost all the exhibits beat my expectations and I constantly found myself saying “WOW” for most of them. While diving, all the natural colors except blue gets absorbed by water once you are past a few meters deep and most of the stuff just looks blue under water. In the SEA aquarium, all of the displays were well lit and the creatures were a treat to the eyes. I felt like I could just stay there looking at the exhibits forever.

The largest acrylic display in the world

My naughty nephew went crazy seeing all the fishes there. He was happily running around screaming “fiiiisssshhhh, fiiiisssshhhh” everywhere.

Within the short span of 6 weeks, I have already visited the aquarium twice. If you are planning to visit Singapore, I strongly recommend that you add the SEA Aquarium to the top of your visit list. After all, the S.E.A Aquarium is the world’s largest aquarium and one of the best attraction I have ever been to, till date.

Another blue blue display

A ship wreck exhibit

One of my favourite displays, the jelly fish tank


A colourful wrasse. I spent a long time at this exhibit admiring its beauty

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